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jered ([personal profile] jered) wrote 2009-11-05 09:12 pm (UTC)

I don't have page numbers so I can't say exactly where I am in relation to your copy, but I'm roughly at where investigation into The Entertainment is entering full swing.

I'd inclined to buy your phony erudition as performance art, but I think that detracts overall from the work. I've fine with performance pieces, even when they're quite difficult (like William S. Burroughs, for example). I can appreciate Duchamp-style post-modernism. But, see my responses to others here, the thing that turned me off is that DFW appears to have not even put the effort in on a good chunk of the book.

I get your "grim fascination" motivation, and I love a good train wreck as much as the next guy. Just not a 10 hour train wreck consisting largely of clips of train wrecks from 50 years ago, on loop.

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